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Full Face Wax -(include Neck Hairline Waxing)- 280RMB
Forehead Wax - 100RMB
Eyebrow Wax - 100RMB
Sideburn Wax - 100RMB
Ear Wax- 100RMB
Nose Wax - 100RMB
Cheek Wax - 100RMB
Lower lip Wax-100RMB
Neck Hairline Wax- 100RMB
Full Chest -(include upper chest, Abdominal)- 500RMB
Chest Wax-(upper chest)- 300RMB
Abdominal Wax- 200RMB
Nipple Wax-100RMB
Full Arm Wax- 300RMB
Half Arm Wax-(Upper or Lower)- 180RMB
Shoulder Waxing- 200RMB
Underarm Waxing- 100RMB
Hands & Finger Wax-100RMB
Full Leg Wax- 480RMB
Upper Half Leg Wax- 280RMB
Lower Half Leg Waxing- 280RMB
Feet & Toes Wax- 100RMB
Full Back Wax- (Upper/lower back, neck/shoulders)- 500RMB
Basic Back Wax (upper back only)- 300RMB
Lower Back Wax- 200RMB
Torso Wax ( full back, chest & underarm wax)- 1000RMB
Brazilian Wax For Women-(anus, bikini line, crack, mons,inner & outer labia and perineum,all pubic hair from the genital region) 300RMB
Brazilian Wax For Men-(penis shaft, scrotum, anus, bikini line, crack, mons and perineum,all pubic hair from the genital region) 400RMB
Penis and Scrotum - 300RMB
butt cheeks and crack - 300RMB
Sack and Crack Waxing - 300RMB

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Great price, easy to get to, accommodating, and fast. I was pleasantly surprised very clean with pleasant and courteous staff who made the treatment seem less of an awkward experience! for my first Brazilian in 30 mins .she was fabulous. she made me feel comfortable.So i recommend this place to everyone who looking for best,Safe,Clean,Privacy for bikini waxing in beijing.
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