So this week was my first Brazilian, and yes I was so nervous, beijing brazilian wax Carezza was great. She was professional and had a way of calming completely. I was impressed with her professionalism and the beauty of the salon. It was clean and beautifully decorated. She talked e entire time and kept my focus off of what she was actually doing, that was a plus. What I realized through it all was that it was not nearly as bad as everyone said it would be. I will and have recommended Carezza to my friends and family. She definitely has my business. I won’t trust anyone else to handle such a sensitive situation for me. I’m glad I researched and found this place and didn’t go to the other salons I’d heard about. Don’t go anywhere else, Carezza is the best!

I absolutely hands down LOVE this place!!! I went to Carezza for my first bikini wax ever. Mandy was my aesthetician and she instantly knew that I was quite apprehensive about the process. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed right from the get go. She was so friendly, explained the entire process to me, told me everything step by step as it was happening...she just made it so easy! The environment is so relaxing, harmonious, clean, and private. I honestly think that this brazilian wax salon in beijing is the best one I have ever been to, not only because of the beautiful facility, but also the friendliness of the staff. Mandy did amazing work, and was so helpful and professional. I would recommend Carezza brazilian wax salon and Mandy's work to ALL my friends and family!

Great price, easy to get to, accommodating, and fast. I was pleasantly surprised very clean with pleasant and courteous staff who made the treatment seem less of an awkward experience! for my first Brazilian in 30 mins .she was fabulous. she made me feel comfortable.So i recommend this place to everyone who looking for best,Safe,Clean,Privacy for bikini waxing in beijing.
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